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Key Skills



Visual Software


  • C#

  • C++

  • Python

  • Lua

  • Unity

  • Unreal Engine 4

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • 3DSMax (Moderate Experience)

  • Blender (Moderate Experience)

  • FMOD

  • FL Studio

Published Works
Design & Audio
Who Am i?

I am currently a graduate games programming student from the University of Gloucestershire, looking to break into the games industry. I am a confident and comfortable C#/Unity developer, and confident in C++. I am a highly driven and focused individual, surrounding myself with every aspect of games development, whether it be gameplay programming, QA or design and audio. I have taken time to invest myself and learn aspects of all these fields to bolster my skillset.
I am a lover of all kinds of games and I frequently play games from Assetto Corsa to Arma 3. My current addictions are GTFO and Helldivers 2.

What I've Done

My current experience spans voluntary and paid work across as many as 7 titles, including the recent Warhammer 40K Speed Freeks and Redout 2. I have provided QA and technical feedback on these titles, with Redout 2 allowing me to hone my skills on audio QA and maintain a close relationship with the audio team, where I was looked to as the responsible tester in that field.
Recommendations from prior colleagues can be found on my LinkedIn, which is linked at the footer of this page.

Within university I have created many projects across many topics, including creating an OpenGL renderer in C, curating games tackling many areas of the industry such as experimental mobile games, AI and Machine Learning Agents, and simple gameplay code.

What I Do

Currently I am a voluntary tester on Speed Freeks, Deathgrip and Exo Rally, alongside working as the lead Tabletop Simulator porter for the board-game company Data Sparrow, where I have self-taught Lua to automate and create highly interesting board game experiences.

I am always working on my own hobby projects to expand my skillset and create the most fun and inspired experiences possible!

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